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Ania Sikorska Jewellery

Designer / Jeweller / Creator


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About the Artist


Relevant education:

2016 – 2019

Jewellery Arts and Technology HND

City of Glasgow College


2019 – 2023

Jewellery & Silversmithing

Edinburgh College of Art

ACJ member since 2019


My artistic approach

Creating jewellery is an art form for me. I think of jewellery as applied art closely related to the human body. Jewellery can arouse emotions and provoke, and I like to think that the jewellery I create is just like that; that it inspires discussions, encourages reflection, attracts attention and promotes values close to me.

My graduate collection

From the beginning of working on my recent Archē (*first principle) collection, I knew that it would be inspired by nature, but I also knew I would be observing nature from a given scientific perspective. Mathematicians agree that nature (and we are a part of it) is a very organised mathematical mechanism, which here and there shows through its randomness and organicity. I find this 'rule' incredibly inspiring and fascinating, and that is why I decided that the shapes and patterns associated with the process of growth and movement: lamellas, spirals and waves would become the axis of the entire collection

My process

When it comes to the methods I use within my practice, I like to combine different techniques. I am fascinated by new technologies and the perspectives they open up. I enjoy designing my models in CAD and printing them with 3D printers; however, I also like sitting at my bench and making handmade jewellery.

Regarding the materials I use to produce my works, I like to ensure they are safe for me, my Clients and the environment (*I work with plant-based resin, recycled silver, found objects etc.) What is unique about my recent collection of earrings is that I used 3D-printed nylon to produce them. SLS nylon is still rarely used in the process of jewellery-making, so I am extremely happy to share the results of my work with this new material, which I hand-dyed using my proprietary methods.

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20 Greenhorn's Well Crescent, Falkirk FK1 5HN

Mobile: 07478684441

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